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Our goal has always been to achieve greatness with our brands; to fully immerse ourselves in their mission, culture and DNA.

The philosophy that we continue to strive for is centered around the sole priority of encompassing a team mentality and becoming a seamless extension of our partners' integrity and vision.

Established in 2011, Q4 Designs is a new apparel leader born from five decades of experience in the field. Its founder, Harry Tawil, has in a short period of time created one of the most diversified portfolios of brands and products.

Q4 has brought together a team of industry leaders to create a different kind of apparel company. The firm focuses firmly on our retail partners' total needs across market segments and product categories, rather than limited niches. Q4 understands the rules, but also knows how to challenge them to create new opportunities and greater profits for our retail partners.


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Q4 Designs is a different kind of apparel company based in New York City.